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06 August 2016

Emma Brown`s Carnival Hair inspiration.

If you ever wanted an excuse to go big and bold with your hair and makeup,going to a Carnival is your chance.

Carnival die-hards will already be planning their costumes – sewing sequins and feathers onto brightly coloured Lycra, and fashioning the highest headdresses imaginable.
But even if you aren’t planning to strut your stuff down, you’d better dress up. Choose your most colourful outfit, grab your favourite dancing shoes and go enjoy your self.

read on for tips on how to take your carnival hair to the next level.
Create an elaborate up do which will prop up a headdress or simply speak for itself. Or keep your locks long and decorate them with sparkly clips, sequins or even sewn-in streaks of colour.

Break up black hair with extensions in a variety of dark tones, which will add texture and interest to your carnival style. Or embrace the festival vibe with brightly coloured clip-in hair extensions – go for neon pinks, oranges and purples to really stand out from the crowd.
For extra oomph, co-ordinate your outfit with your hair colour and accessorise with bold makeup and shimmering jewellery.

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