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23 June 2017


KEVIN.MURPHY presents its latest product – SHIMMER.ME BLONDE, a revolutionary shine treatment created specifically for highlighted, blonde and grey hair shades.

Formulated to counteract unwanted yellow tones and create radiance from within, new SHIMMER.ME BLONDE will enhance colour as it treats your hair.

Known for excellence in utilizing skincare technology within their hair care products, Kevin Murphy explains “I wanted to create something different that brought a light,
 healthy shine to hair, so I looked at high-end skin care ingredients that
 create luminous skin.” Not only does SHIMMER.ME BLONDE brighten up shades that are dull and lifeless, as a leave-in treatment the ingredients work around the clock to soften and condition the hair as well.

With a gentle balance between the immediate effects of shine and color enhancement, and the long-term effects of a treatment, this is the ideal product for anyone looking to enhance the look and feel of their hair.

Available in salon now, On your next visit to Emma Brown Hair why not ask one of our staff to tell you all about this new wonder product and you can try it out free for your self.

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