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14 November 2017

5 Steps To A Smoother Shave

Most men need to shave.
Whether you have a full stubble or just whiskers it must be done.
Simple? Yes but while shaving can be a simple task, it can sometimes be a painful experience when you don’t follow principles that have been practiced for centuries by generations of men.
Do it the wrong way and your skin will suffer from ingrown hair, razor burns, nicks and cuts. Here are 5 steps to a smoother shave.

Own Multiple Bathrooms

Opening your pores is vital for a close shave, it softens your stubble and makes it stand up properly. A hot towel is one option, but it’s easier and quicker to shave straight after a shower. However, the problem with this is your mirror is going to get steamier than Thomas the Tank Engine in a hot tub with one of those sexy lady trains.

Your best bet? Build a second bathroom, next door to the first one. Shower in one, shave in the other. Fog free mirror, guaranteed. But…what if whilst you’re in the shower someone starts using the toilet in Bathroom 2? Now you can’t shave. Investing in a third, fourth or even fifth bathroom is a strong move.

Use A Pre-Shave

Whilst enjoying a hot shower in one of your many bathrooms, use an exfoliating scrub to remove rough dead skin and leave the smooth stuff underneath – it’s easier to pass a razor over.

Use A Shaving Brush

A rich, thick lather protects your skin and helps the razor glide across it. The best way to work up a lather is with a shaving brush. Most men opt for synthetic bristles or badger hair – it’s one of the few furs that absorbs water, making it great for whipping up lather.

Choose Your Weapon

Cut throat, shavette, double edge, cartridge, potato peeler, lawnmower… The list of razor options goes on. A straight has that classic feel, a double edge is economical and kind to your skin, a cartridge is quick and fuss free.

Recover Afterwards

There’s 3 important things you need to do after your shave:

1. Use cold water to close your pores

2. Follow up with an aftershave balm or moisturiser to rehydrate your skin

3. Pat dry with a soft clean towel.

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